Our current book has over 18 500 actives bonds of surety. Each of these bonds generate significant paperwork together with our service offering of preparing, lodging and following up with all the bond related queries. We have an experienced administration team who monitor and drive the process but our secret lies in our specialised Masters Liaison teams.

Our Shackleton Risk Pretoria Masters Team

While we are represented at the Master of the High Court offices around the country it is in the high-volume areas that we have allocated teams who deal with all the queries relating to the Master.

The team of 15 dedicated staff in PTA, JHB, PE, DBN, CT, Bloem and Nelspruit ensure our clients receive the best possible attention. We can confidently say we have no equal in this area.

The services this team affords our clients:

  • Preparing of documentation required by the Master
  • Lodging of requisitions and other documentation; and obtaining proof thereof
  • Obtaining certificates of appointment
  • Attending meetings, on request (liquidation matters)
  • Lodging endorsements and reduction requests
  • And any other queries relating to our clients & bonds


This is an exceptional team of people who have the patience to stand in government department queues, take clients calls and move with the urgency when required. They truly are the Masters of our Universe!

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