Medical Malpractice Insurance

An analysis of the market shows that medical claims are rising sharply and that this increase has a direct correlation to the higher premiums which are charged each year.

In response to this, ShackletonRisk has acquired a leading independent brokerage, with access to both claims made and occurrence based local offerings.

We are committed to making a positive contribution to the long term sustainability of the medical sector in South Africa, and after careful assessment of the current market conditions, we are now able to broker an exceptional product.

Benefits of the local offering include:

  • A market leading claims made and occurrence based offerings underwritten by a blue chip insurer
  • Stable, sustainable premiums with low allocations to operating costs and a focus on what is actually important to our clients.
  • The use of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques to reduce claim costs so that practitioners are not faced with a situation where their Limit of Indemnity has been eroded by unnecessary litigation or defence costs.
  • The quick and efficient resolution of valid claims and the rigorous defence against vexatious claimants.
  • Personal coaching by highly qualified Medico-Legal practitioners on how best to deal with a claim as well as the trauma associated with that claim.
  • Relevant and innovative Patient relationship management tips garnered from sound. international research and supplemented with insights received from practitioners' interactions through their daily dealings with their patients.


World leading re-insurance

The underwriting team hold strong relationships which span over 20 year with the largest re-insurer in the world. It is this re-insurer that offers its significant balance sheet to support this product.


Claims Made Policy

Subject to the retroactive date contained therein, the policy provides cover that is triggered when a claim is made against the insured during the policy period, regardless of when the wrongful act that gave rise to the claim took place.


Competitive premiums and individual risk rating

We have carried out a full analysis of the current South African market in order to ensure that we provide our clients with competitive premiums which are sustainable over the long-term. In order to achieve this, underwriters individually risk rate the premiums according to the practitioner's clinical risk profile. This means the premiums you pay are not affected by our other clients.


A 60-month Extended Reporting Period (ERP)

An automatic 36-month ERP is built into the base rate premium of clients who have held a policy for a consecutive 12 months. Such ERP begins to run when a practitioner either dies, retires or is physically unable to continue to perform his/her duties.

This ERP shall:

  • be increased to a period of 48 months where the Insured has held uninterrupted cover with the Insurer for a minimum of 24 months;
  • be increased to a period of 60 months where the Insured has held uninterrupted cover with the Insurer for a minimum of 36 months;



Based on their associated risk profiles, we will be providing practitioners with different limits of indemnity to choose from, however the level of cover required will always be a decision which needs to be reached by the policy holder. The minimum limit offered is R1,000,000 and the maximum limit is R50,000,000.


Cover for all practitioners (allied + specialists)

Any practitioner registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) will be able to apply for cover. This means that whether you are a Podiatrist or an Obstetrician, we will be able to source a quote for you.


Retroactive cover

As we are broking a Claims Made insurance policy, subject to Underwriters approval, retroactive cover can be purchased at the inception of the policy thus ensuring a seamless transition

A retroactive date is the date from which a Practitioner has held uninterrupted claims made insurance cover. The purpose of the retroactive date is to exclude claims which may arise from work performed prior to the retroactive date shown in the schedule.



The policy includes a wide range of extensions and choices so that a practitioner may balance the costs of the insurance against the cover which best suits their insurance needs.


Quick and efficient claims resolution

The underwriters are committed to the quick and efficient resolution of valid claims and the rigorous defence against vexatious claimants. The use of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques is another way that the underwriters reduce costs and ensure that the indemnity limit is not unnecessarily eroded on wasteful defence costs.


In-house legal and medical team support

As part of your annual premium the product includes access to in house legal support services as well as to specialist medical advisors.


Legal representation for all medical related claims

As part of the offering, underwriters will provide legal representation for all medical related claims whether it's billing enquiries with the HPCSA or negligent related matters.


24/7 broker support

Our highly experienced brokers are continually available to assist with any queries and to ensure that you always receive exceptional levels of support and service.


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