Medical Malpractice Insurance

Why Medmal Insurance with Shackleton Risk?

We have seen medical malpractice claims rising sharply and this increase in claims has had a direct impact on the higher premiums charged by Insurers each year.

Shackleton Risk Management, your risk specialist broker, aims to source the lowest premiums and the widest coverage for you amidst these premium hikes.

We are able to broker exceptional products from leading Insurers backed by leading  Reinsurers. We have the ability to source cover for individuals as well as groups.

With energised and experienced medmal brokers, we are excited to see what deals we can find for you.  We find it immensely rewarding when we provide you with cover you need and deserve. We fight for you!

We value you and strive to ensure that you stay happy and reassured knowing you have the very best the market has to offer.

We know that complaints and claims are not a pleasant thing to have to report or endure, and so we ensure that the Insurers we place cover with have first-class claims teams to make your claims experience seamless and as helpful as possible.

We are prepared to invest in you so let us quote!

Shackleton Risk - your niche insurance broker.

Ever wondered how you will really know whether you are paying too much for insurance cover?  Let Shackleton Risk help you.

At Shackleton Risk, we do a full needs analysis with our clients, we compare premiums, and cover and discuss costs and risks. Let us source quotes for you from multiple financial service providers, show you the differences, then YOU decide!

On offer:

Cheaper bespoke ‘claims made’ policies where coverage is triggered when a claim is made against the insured during the policy period, regardless of when the wrongful act that gave rise to the claim took place. (The one exception is when a retroactive date is applicable to a claims-made policy. In such instances, the wrongful act that gave rise to the claim must have taken place on or after the retroactive date.)

Extended reporting period options, a feature known as ‘tail coverage’ which allows you to notify the Insurer of a claim which occurred during the period of insurance after the expiry of the period of insurance.  This assists those practitioners leaving practice, retiring, relocating or their estate in the event of death.

Free Extensions (this means you don’t get charged for the additional cover subject to applicable limits):

Attendance costs – Indemnity of up to R2,500 per day for court or inquiry attendances by Employees of the Insured or up to R5,000 per day for attendances by the Insured where they are legally compelled to attend court or an enquiry either personally or as a witness in a claim covered by the policy. Yes that’s right ! FREE OF CHARGE

Breach of confidentiality - Indemnity of up to R250 000 against civil liability for compensation arising from breach of confidentiality. Yes that’s right! FREE OF CHARGE

Defamation cover - Indemnity of up to R550 000 for civil liability for defamation claims made against the Insured.

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