Medical Malpractice Insurance

Sustainable Indemnity Protection

We have seen medical malpractice claims rising sharply and this increase in claims has had a direct impact on the higher premiums charged by Insurers each year.

We are able to broker exceptional products from leading Insurers backed by leading Reinsurers. We have the ability to source cover for individuals as well as groups.

Shackleton Risk - Your Niche Insurance Broker

Reputable Brand

Shackleton Risk is a countrywide leading brokerage insuring thousands of professionals across a variety of spectrums.

Personal Service

Your indemnity insurance is managed by a broker in your area and you will receive world class support and service.

Affordable Cover

The local offering has been developed to offer practitioners more affordable premiums.

Tailor Made Cover

The offering is tailor made to you and your unique circumstance, with different excesses, limits and extensions available.

Flexible Run Off

The runoff can be extended to the length of your choosing and you only pay for the runoff you choose.

Contact a broker near you for a cover comparison suited to your needs!


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