Professional Indemnity Insurance for Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors


Shackleton has developed a deep understanding of the needs of Professionals practising in the Built Environment and the unique legal risks and exposures they face on a daily basis. Plus the demands of Clients and Regulators in the challenging times we are going through.

WHAT IS PI Insurance: Professional Indemnity “PI” Insurance, has become an essential component in the protection of any Architect’s or Built Environment Practitioner’s personal or business assets and liabilities. Without it they could be faced with crippling legal costs and compensatory damages. The huge increase in legal expenses and court awards for damages in recent years has made the need for PI even more important

  • What does it cover?

A PI policy covers you as an Individual and/or your Business against:-

  1. the Legal Costs in defending any action brought against you or the Business for any Actual or Alleged Negligence or Breach of Professional Duty, as well as,
  2. any Damages you and/or your Business may have to pay as Compensation to another party.
  • Who Needs It and Why?

Despite your best efforts mistakes do happen. Even if you are confident in the quality of your work any Professional is vulnerable to a claim or allegations of negligence when their Professional Advice or Services fail to meet a Client’s expectations or their contractual commitments, even if they are only “perceived” failures.

Once a Client commences a legal action, you must be a position to hire the very best Legal resources to defend you or you will very likely lose the action and the consequences could be disastrous. The cost of expert Legal Defense is extremely high, for example,  a single day in court could cost you > R 200 000 without taking into account pre-trial attorney costs. And that is just your costs without the Damages if you are found liable and in addition - the Claimants Costs.

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