Why Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Need Medical Malpractice Insurance

Heavy workloads and frivolous claims, has changed what was once a rewarding career of helping women and saving babies. Many obstetricians and gynaecologists say litigation and the professionā€™s unprofitability when it comes to premiums is what is deterring them from practising.

The current claims climate has unfortunate consequences for the society,  poor maternal outcomes and a shortage of competent specialists.

At Shackleton Risk we realise the importance of quality cover to defend claims. Medical malpractice can be an especially complex and confusing area of the law and so we guarantee you competitive rates, optional extras, and good legal advice when it comes to both claims and /or a panel attorney instructed to defend your claim.  The Insurer has access to a number of specialists who understand your business, the importance of early preparation and defence as well as your risks. Discuss indemnity limits and defence assistance available with your broker today.

Don’t let an unfortunate state of affairs get you down. With quality insurance for obstetricians and gynaecologists, help is around the corner!

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