Why Shackleton Top-Up Indemnity Insurance for Professionals?


  • The limit of professional indemnity cover for negligent acts, errors or omissions committed by legal practitioners offered by the AIIF is limited in its amount annual and scope.
  • The limit is determined by the number of directors of the firm meaning the smallest amount of cover is offered to sole proprietorships and firms with less than 6 directors.
  • A common misconception held by practitioners is that this limit is sufficient or representative of the actual amount of indemnity cover the firm requires.
  • The nature and type of matters dealt with by a firm should determine its indemnity requirements.
  • Firms are advised to purchase additional TOP UP cover if any one single matter exceeds the annual limit of the Fund. This can be done by purchasing additional cover from ShackletonRisk. 
  • The AIIF does not sell additional cover.
  • Our ShackletonRisk brokers will help guide you as to the amount of cover you require as well as advise you of other cover available which indemnifies your firm against circumstances which are not indemnified by the AIIF policy.
  • At ShackletonRisk we offer several different types of extensions to the standard professional indemnity cover offered by the commercial market.


  • The AIIF does not offer MOTF cover.
  • The AIIF Master Policy excludes amongst other things, claims arising from or in connection with misappropriation of funds.
  • One of the most common misconceptions held by practitioners is that they themselves enjoy indemnity through the Attorneys Fidelity Fund for their/their staff’s misappropriation of trust money.
  • The Attorneys Fidelity Fund is a client protection fund and the claimant (not the attorney and his or her staff) will be indemnified should they have a valid claim.
  • The Fund is a fund of last resort, which means that a claimant (client) first needs to exhaust all remedies against the partners/directors of the practice before the Fund comes to his/her assistance.
  • It is therefore essential that all practitioners with trust accounts carefully consider the risks of filing to purchase cover for misappropriation of trust funds.

ShackletonRisk offers a wide range of MOTF options.


  • The AIIF does not offer FG cover.
  • If theft of money or property could leave your practice vulnerable you should consider taking FG cover.
  • Fidelity Guarantee covers the loss of money or property sustained by the business/practice as a direct result of fraud, dishonesty or theft by an employee in the course of employment.

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